Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Just Like Nemo

31st of December 2010. I was preparing lunch and saw this poor little fishy amongst the shrimps.

Funny, it made me remember Nemo.

Funnier, was that while I kept washing the shrimps, I saw another fish. Tinier than the first I saw. Imagination got working, and thought that maybe his poor daddy went swimming trying to get him out of the shrimp net but got unlucky and got himself in trouble, too. Poor thing.

Funniest thing though, was that when my little cousin knew about the fishy, she kept trying to revive them. Even tried to put them back into water quickly. Insisted even that maybe they are still alive cause their eyes are still open :| KIDS. haha! She finally gave it a rest after some time.


SaruJin said...

Oh my god ! She'll eat it ? no !!!!!!!! ^^

C ya !

Ina Navarro said...