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Wednesday, February 09, 2011

A Song for Ina

Moon walks in oblivion
Stars fall in your palm
Hear the nightwind
Whisper a psalm.
You are a breeze of South.
A gust in the north.
The nightwind sings.
The nightwind hums.
Hear its song
The city lights' sound
Hear its hum,
The twinkling diamond's facade.
Close your eyes and really see.
Hide your ears and really hear.
I am the nightwind.
You are the song.

"A SONG FOR INA" ~Mikko Dionisio

Why Are You So Damn

Why are you so damn special to me? You make me so mad, and I get so tired of you. Then it's make me smile or you say something dumb or sometimes I just look at you..and it's like all of a sudden I totally forget about why I was even upset by you in the first place, and I start to love you all over again.