Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve

I can't believe how fast time went by. In about less than five hours from now, it's going to be another Christmas day. I just got done with wrapping the gifts to give to my family yesterday. Been occupied with so many things lately, mainly work and meeting up with old friends, catching up and all that jazz.. I enjoyed it, but then I remembered I still got something to do- it's my laundry. haha! oh well, I'll have to catch up on that after Christmas. Yeah, not tomorrow, not on Christmas day itself..'cause I'll be at the office tomorrow working (sadly). I would have to report for work on Christmas. Family would be at my aunt's place, and I know that they'll have a great time just like we always have. So jealous. I would really love to be there, too. Celebrating. Maybe the whole world is. Maybe I will, too, with my colleagues. I'm just hoping to have a fun day at work tomorrow. But for now

Happy Holidays everyone! :) Merry 2010 Christmas! :)

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